(Photo Credit: Kristen Sprang Photography)

Hello & Welcome! 

I've loved the idea of having a blog for ever (and have had many blogs over the years where I shared bits about my life, crafts, etc) and am excited by the opportunity to have one alongside my brand, My Friend Sarah Made It.

If you're new here, or even if you've been a MFSMI customer for awhile, I'd love to introduce myself!  My name is Sarah and I'm the maker behind My Friend Sarah Made It.  I'm an Idaho transplant living on the gulf coast of Florida with my husband, our two sons, our dog, and two cats.  

I've felt a creative drive for what feels like my whole life.  I always loved arranging homes for my Barbies and rearranging my room when I was smaller and then handcrafting things to decorate my own room when I was an older kid (I remember sitting for hours coloring in stars I'd printed out and hand cutting them to form a border around my window).  As a mom, I've enjoyed making things for my kids with simple sewing projects, arts & crafts, and seasonal keepsakes.  Now, I'm finding exciment in being able to offer handcrafted jewelry to people all across the United States!

I hope you'll join me here as I dive into some behind the scenes things that are exciting to my soul - and maybe you'll find some insipiration as well! 

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